Executive Committee, Committees and Task Forces, 2013-2014 Composition, Charges, Goals and Timelines

Executive Committee

Frank Mackaman (Chair), Rebecca Johnson Melvin (ACSC Vice President), Dorothy Walker (ACSC Secretary), Kate Cruikshank (ACSC Treasurer), Herb Hartsook, Robert Lay, Marc Levitt, Sheryl Vogt
Ex Officio Members: Richard Hunt, Karen Paul, Robin Reeder

The Executive Committee, which includes its three elected officers, is the governing body of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress. The ACSC President serves as chair and appoints four members to the Committee. Three Ex Officio members represent the following institutions: Center for Legislative Archives, US Senate Historical Office, US House Office of Information and Preservation.  the immediate past president also serves as a member of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee administers the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress. It appoints and oversees all ACSC working groups, committees and task forces. The Executive Committee approves the annual budget for submission to the membership and oversees the financial management of the Association. The Executive Committee submits bylaws to the membership for approval and solicits officer nominations from the membership, selects a slate of candidates, oversees elections, and reports results. The Executive Committee appoints a Program Committee for each annual meeting of the Association. All committees and task forces, through their respective chairs, will prepare reports for review by the Executive Committee that will be presented to the membership at the annual meeting and subsequently posted on the website.


Scholarships and Awards Committee
Lori Schwartz (Chair), Sarah D'Antonio, Gary Chaffee, Robin Reeder, Ben Rogers

The Committee will establish qualifications, procedures, timelines, and forms for applications and evaluation, publicize awards as appropriate, request funding as necessary for awards and ads, and serve as panel to select recipients. As funding is available, additional awards will be determined by the Executive Committee, and the Scholarships and Awards Committee may recommend funding areas. In addition to creating award notices and advertising, the Committee will report to the Executive Committee on request and to the general membership via the website and at the annual meeting. Current awards are the Raymond Smock Award of $1000 to a first-time attendee of an ACSC annual meeting by a Member Institution’s staff member, the Richard Baker Graduate Student Research Travel Grant of $1000 to support research on Congress, and the Congressional Papers Roundtable Scholarship to support someone to attend the annual CPR pre-conference at the annual meeting of the Society of American Archivists.

Program Committee
Herb Hartsook (Chair), Sharon Fitzpatrick, Debbie Davendonis-Todd, Tammi Kim, Jan Levinson, Lori Schwartz

The Program Committee is charged with development of the program for the 2014 annual meeting, to be hosted by the South Carolina Political Collections.

Social Media Committee
Danielle Emerling and Tammi Kim (Co-Chairs), Hope Grebner, James Havron, Natalie Rocchio, Lori Schwartz, Ryan Semmes

The Social Media Committee will be responsible for promoting ACSC and its work and encouraging the study of Congress and use of Congressional collections through social media outlets.


Congress Week Task Force
Marie Carr (Chair), Stephanie Bayless, Debbie Davendonis-Todd, Bailey Hoffner, Ray Smock

The Task Force will identify activities and materials for the first week in April, when the first quorums in both House and Senate were achieved in 1789, to promote the understanding of Congress and the importance of its study.

ACSC and the Association of Former Members of Congress Task Force
Karen Paul and Robin Reeder (Co-Chairs), Nell Breyer, Marie Carr, Herb Hartsook, Betsy Pittman, Sheryl Vogt

The ACSC Former Members Task Force is charged with developing a collaborative records management advocacy effort with the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress designed to reach out to new members about records preservation.

Kettering Project Naming and Framing Task Force
(Membership limited to those who have completed Phase 1 of the project)

Sheryl Vogt (Chair), Jill Severn, Jan Levinson; Burt Altman and Robert Rubero; Herb Hartsook, Dee Walker, Lori Schwartz; Ben Rogers, Mary Goolsby, Debra Davendonis-Todd; Robert Lay; Julia C. Howington; Brother Rogers.

The Task Force will implement Phase 2 of a contract with the Kettering Foundation to name and frame an issue topic related to Congress or understanding of Congress, determine and fulfill ACSC’s role and responsibilities in the development of the issue guide, and encourage its use by other ACSC members.






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